At the end of tND in Boston at the Middle East on 12/14/06, I discovered that a fellow taper with whom I'd entrusted a backpack of gear had broken down his rig and left during or around the 2nd set. I think his name is Matt, he has dirty blond hair and silver-rimmed glasses (I think), and appeared to be with a girlfriend or wife. He runs a pair of boutique mics with an Italian name like "Peroni" or something like that (I'd never heard of the brand before, but was delighted to discover that they're made by a former longtime design engineer of AKG and Neuman.) into an M-Audio Microtrack. He was set up just in front of the sound board, behind that small bench. My backpack is an orange and grey CamelBack of rough dimensions 20"x12"x9" and contains a bunch of good XLR cables, clips, power adapters, cable adapters, a stereo electret condenser T-mic, my green Humboldt hoodie, and some other stuff. Luckily I had my mics and rig on the stage and thus didn't lose that expensive stuff, but all the gear in the bag and that bag itself (it's been through about a dozen festivals with me) is still worth a lot to me.

Has ANYONE heard ANYTHING about this taper or my backpack? I stayed late at the show looking for it at the bars, front desk, and all around the floor, but no one who worked there had seen it or knew anything. I've also called the venue a few days afterwards in case it turned up, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

In terms of which taper I'm talking about (there were 3 of us), I mean the guy furthest back (right near the sound board) with his mics on a tall silver stand. There was also a taper on the left side of the floor, halfway back from the stage with his mics taped to a pole, and me with my mics on short stands on or around the stage edge, but that's of course not whom I'm looking for. HOWEVER, if anyone has the phone number or email of that second taper, I think he might know the "Matt" guy, so PLEASE send that along to me.

So, to conclude, if ANYONE knows ANYTHING about ANY TAPER at the 12/14/06 Middle East show, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send that info to me at:
[email protected]


P.S. This confusion kept me from making it to the next night's show - the Bowery - which would have been my 30th tND show. Boo-hoo.