Long time me no Navidrome, unfortunately it has most likely been usurped by MyFace and SpaceBook...but this is still the only forum for me!!

Lets see its been 6 months too long since the double NY/PA/MAss run, you guys were having a hell of a time at Bowery!

Since then I have given birth to a beautiful baby Juno-106, and just today I'm the proud papa of a Novation Xio 49, how sleek she is! I no longer deal with Synth envy, a horrible condition many are afflicted with.

My question for Guitar Shields is have you ever had to replace the chips in your 106. Having scored a super cheap one I'm already dealing with one frizty/popping chip, and sounds like the others might soon follow from what I've read. Any thoughts on the cloned chips, or the soaking the chips in Acetone method?

Im doing the work on my end to get the venues here in Eugene OR to get you here, but seriously...Umphree's, STS9, Lotus, Bassnecter...all my fav's have been here since your 2001 Sam Bonds Garage show. I will always fly out for hometown Mass throwdowns, but they would love you here...someday!!

Take care of all yourselves, till next time!