The new deal plays the theme music to my life its self.
How can they do this to me, no northamerican tour for 2004???????? They had better go to europe. Can you imagine hearing about a band from canada, translated into your language "The New Deal".... people there will be blown away, as they are already into electronica dance and industrial. This music is still in a class of its own. And needs to be spread around the world. Anyone down to help me kidnap the band members and make them play at any one outdoor music festival? If they ever break up im keeping them locked in my basement till they work it out. I love this band's creativty so much, i am acctualy very happy they will be taking a large break, they sure need the rest, but can they realy deny us a whole year of no new deal? Thats jsut pure trash, you can not jsut be this good at music, and take it away from me god damnit. They had better die first. (knock on fucking wood)

The new deal to me is a perfect balance of sounds and heart and raw emotion. No one trys to overcome or out due each other. No member is an extreme of the band, and with out each other, they would jsut be individual talented musicians....rather then how far beyond that, they are together. the idea of how they play, on the edge of their seats, completey impravised from moment to moment, only synchronizing more and more, rather than trying to perfect anything, except imperfection. No words can contexualize the sounds already being produced, sound can only be added on. I my self sit back and try and try to come up with words that would go along perfect, and i dont think its possible....... if there are any sounds a human can make to go along perfectly, it would be a whole new language..... only a language that never stayed the same, could comply with the sounds they produce....THAT NEVER STAY THE SAME......
The music literaly grabs u by the balls, and flows through the individual, and flows back into the surrounding individuals.... back into the band, this is what takes it HIGHER AND HIGHER, a never ending upward gravity of soul. people coming together as one mind to share equal emotion and celebration of life. THAT is the DEFINITION of music, and to exclude anyone would be breaking the TUNE of LIFE its self.

Please eveyone dont miss out on the new deal, and if they go to europe, you know where i'll be.

Can anyone truly Dig ??

Id love to hear your voice