tND AOL Instant Messenger Chat 2k3

Hosted by: Chris Ferrari, Blunt Masta Skillz
Taking Place At: Chris' AIM Living Room..
Starring: Jamie Shields with possible appearances by Dan Kurtz and Darren Shearer
Thursday Evening, 28 August 2003 @ 8pm


Load AOL Instant Messenger
The top of your buddy list should read: My AIM | People | Help
click "People"
Select "Send Chat Invitation"
Under "Screen Names to Invite", add YOUR screen name, and make sure your screen name only is there.
Under "Chat Room", erase the generic room name..
(*the generic room name should read something similar to Chat 2109871511133340044)
After erasin the Chat Room name, enter in
tND AIM Chat
click "Send"
commence chatting. :D
[.aim] kindgroove
[.email] [email protected]