// A NOTE FROM THE BAND: Hi everyone...
We appreciate all of the emails that have
been sent to us since we announced our
touring hiatus in 2004. It serves to remind us
of how important our fans have been since
the very beginning of this band. As we
mentioned in our recent announcement, it's
the band's intention to not tour North
America in 2004. This was a decision that
came after a great deal of thought and
consideration, and is the right thing for the
band to do at the moment. We have had an
unbelievable 5 years. We've had the
privilege to headline over 400 events, have
played some massive festivals and have
managed to release 7 CDs - five of them
independently. And now, we've chosen to
take a break. Our latest studio CD, "Gone
Gone Gone", was a critical step in the
evolution of the band. We're very proud of
the CD, and feel that in many ways it's a
reflection of what we've learned playing
together over the years. It's our intention to
further explore our capacities in the studio
- both with New Deal projects and others.
Nothing we say can adequately express
how grateful we are to so many people. To
you, our fans who have helped us promote,
spread the word and danced mercilessly,
we thank you sincerely. To our agents who
have worked tirelessly, we owe you a great
deal. To the countless promoters who have
helped us evolve in the scene, thank you for
your support. To our exceptional roadcrew,
thanks for being the guys to make it all
happen. And to our families, and friends,
thanks for understanding why we weren't
around so much of the time. We promise to
be home on some Friday night soon. We are
grateful. The New Deal
[.aim] kindgroove
[.email] [email protected]