Oh, helllllo!

Welcome to Navidrome 2.0, your one-stop-shop for all things New Deal.

2.0 brings us the same great forums we're used to, but also new pages and reworkings of some established ones.

Here's how the site breaks down:

Forums: A staple of the elder Navidrome, the glue to the new.

Live View: Check out tND photos through our account at Buzznet.com. There's even a rumor that the New Deal will soon be added to the exclusive BuzznetMusic division!


Gear Setups: Soon to be updated resource that lets you know what Dan, Darren, and Jamie are using these days in the live setting.

New Deal A/V: A randomly updated resource for tND interviews, reviews, audio and video clips.

G-Nome Project: Redesigned, the G-Nome project is a joint venture between Navidrome and NewDealSetlists.com. Check this page out when you need help setlisting shows, or remembering that great tune from the night before.

Links: Our listing of helpful New Deal related web links.

Check out Navidrome 2.0 today. We welcome newcomers to the discussions at the forums, and would love to add to the Live View some photos taken by fans at shows.

Beats, Bass & Beams,

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